“The Nordic-Baltic region in the EU: A loose club of friends”, Piret Kuusik and Kristi Raik (EFPI, Estonia)

Piret Kuusik and Kristi Raik, The Nordic-Baltic region in the EU: A loose club of friends, October 2018

The three Nordic and the three Baltic countries cooperate informally within the EU. While the similarities are important, the differences should not be underestimated. One example is security in the Baltic region – an area where there are shared interests but policy responses based on different experiences. This paper was published in the series of European Policy Analysis by SIEPS (Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies).


For the full publication: http://www.sieps.se/en/publications/2018/the-nordic-baltic-region-in-the-eu-a-loose-club-of-friends/?fbclid=IwAR0x6bT-aW23mu0qeoNwE20OpMkmZSvR87fkwJpeV1GnD93iKZY00PuTCPs