“The opposition of models and narratives in the field of human rights”, Rosa Freedman

TEPSA has coordinated an in-depth analysis requested by DROI Subcommittee of the European Parliament. It is authored by Prof. Rosa Freedman, Director of the Global Development Division at the University of Reading, United Kingdom. The in-depth analysis is entitled “The opposition of models and narratives in the field of human rights”.

This In-depth analysis focuses on competing human rights narratives, particularly those that challenge or undermine the priorities set out in the European Union (EU) Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2020-2024. It identifies the strategies deployed to advance those narratives internationally, some of the main proponents of those narratives and key motivations for those agendas. The paper provides evidence-based recommendations for ways in which the EU may counter those narratives. In particular, it highlights the need for the EU to advance a human rights-centred approach to development and preventing economic insecurity. Human rights should be prioritised across all EU activities with third parties. Moreover, competing human narratives should be countered by strengthening civil society and seeking new ways to oppose the soft power initiatives being deployed to advance competing narratives globally.

Watch the presentation for this in-depth analysis here.