“The Post-Crisis Developmental State: perspectives from the global periphery”, Gerőcs, Tamás, Ricz, Judit (IWE CERS, Hungary)

The focus of this volume is on the role of the developmental state in a situation in which a series of major crises affects the (semi-) periphery of the global economy. The authors go beyond the established debate on developmental states in East Asia by highlighting a much broader understanding of development and a very different global economic context. They also further the existing debate by covering new country cases. At the same time, they deepen our perspective on developmental states by looking at unusual sectors such as green industrial policy, education and farming.

IWE CERS researchers provided the following chapters to the book: “Introduction” by Judit Ricz, “Catching-Up Opportunities of East-Central European States in the Context of Technology Cycles” by Miklós Szanyi, “On the Emergence of Developmental States in the Twenty-First Century: Urgency or Agency?” by Judit Ricz, “Green Industrial Policy and Development—Taking Advanced Economies Over?” by Andrea Szalavetz, “Development and Trade Policy in North Africa” by Tamás Szigetvári and “Conclusion: New Developmentalism in the Twenty-First Century—Perspectives from the Global East and South” by Tamás Gerőcs.

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