“The #RESILIOsnapshot series” (IEP, Germany)

This collection of compact analyses is prepared by leading European experts and practitioners that explain individual importance as well as the ties between resilience factors of the rule of law, identified within the RESILIO model.

RESILIO offers a multi-layered model of the rule of law resilience in the European Union. Systemic dimension reflects upon the resilience of the legal setup; subsidiary dimension looks at the phenomena and tendencies present in societies as possible facilitators; and contextual dimension analyses the broader habitat, determined by structural and systemic variables. RESILIO also takes into account the horizontal effects of unpredicted and unprecedented crises that can affect all dimensions of rule of law resilience with different intensity. While each factor is necessary for a resilient rule of law, they are only sufficient in combination.

The purpose of the #RESILIOsnapshots is therefore to define, operationalise, and analyse the resilience factors of the rule of law, along the developed conceptual model. Each snapshot looks at one particular resilience factor and is authored by an expert in the respective field.

The entirety of snapshot analyses present a coherent compilation, explaining many correlated dimensions of the resilience of the rule of law. The series lays out the foundation for the future performance of the Resilience Observatory as well as the Resilience Toolbox to be delivered at the later stages of the project.

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