The role of Indonesia in the evolution of ASEAN, Annamária Artner (IWE, Hungary)

In: The Journal of East Asian Affairs, Vol 31. No 1, Spring/Summer 2017, pp 1-38

The study aims at examining the past and possible future role of Indonesia in the development of cooperation within the framework of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). After the description of the main steps and achievements of building a regional community both in the field of politics and economy, the author seeks to identify the reasons of difficulties to deepen economic integration, with special regard to the interests and policy of Indonesia. She concludes that by now Indonesia has not ceased to be interested in the security political cooperation within ASEAN and continues to be counter interested in deeper economic integration because of competitiveness reasons. The new leadership of the country since 2014 has taken a broader than ASEAN regional view in its foreign policy spectrum and for this Indonesia may pay less attention to the cooperation within ASEAN what may hinder the development of the South-East Asian organization.

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