IAI Prize – Taking off again (IAI, Italy)

IAI launches the second edition of the IAI Prize “Young Talents for Italy, Europe and the World”, dedicated to young people and awarded to the best essays on issues concerning the European and global reality.

The topic selected for this edition is: “Democracy in Europe: On the edge of a precipice or a New Beginning?“. To participate in the competition – aimed this year not only to university students and graduate but also to high school students – send an essay, written in English or Italian to the IAI by 12 May.

Digitalization has greatly expanded opportunities for political mobilization and participation. Yet it has also exacerbated political polarization, the simplification of political messages and the attack on expertise, presenting fundamental challenges to our open societies. How can liberal democracies survive and thrive in the digital age? Not only is this an existential question for younger generations, but it is also one that young women and men are fittest to answer. The Institute has decided to put his wealth of knowledge, relationships, and successes to good use by awarding an international prize particularly aimed at young people: “Young Talents for Italy, Europe and the World”.

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