The Situation of Indigenous Children with Disabilities, Isabel Inguanzo Ortiz (European Parliament)

TEPSA has recently coordinated a publication for the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) on The Situation of Indigenous Children with Disabilities. The publication was prepared by Isabel Inguanzo Ortiz (Universidad Loyola Andalucía).

Indigenous children with disabilities (ICwD) have received little attention in academic research and development policies. However, they face discrimination at many levels, based on ethnicity, age, ability and gender and this often leads to serious human rights violations. The lack of data, both on the prevalence of disabilities among indigenous children and young people and on specific violations of their human rights, is a serious constraint to any policy intended to respect, protect and promote their human rights. This study seeks to identify these gaps, point to certain patterns and recommend ways of improving data collection and the situation of ICwD in future.

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