“The United States braces itself for the midterm elections: Is there a foreign-policy dimension?”, Ville Sinkkonen (FIIA, Finland)

“The upcoming congressional midterm elections on November 6, 2018 will serve as the first electoral litmus test for Donald Trump’s presidency. Trump’s foreign policy agenda, whether in trade or international summitry, has garnered much attention in recent months. It is therefore timely to consider what role these global forays may play in the upcoming elections, and what the administration’s foreign-policy prospects might be beyond the midterms.

Based on recent opinion polls, many policy pundits argue that the Democrats have a good chance of wresting control of the House of Representatives, which takes the lead on budget matters, including in defence and foreign affairs. In the Senate, whose role in foreign-policy oversight is more pronounced, the Republicans might actually achieve some minor gains (…)”.

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