“The winner takes it all? Who benefits from China’s increasing presence in Francophone Africa?”, Ágnes Szunomár, Gergely Buda (IWE CERS, Hungary)

In this paper we explore whether China’s presence in Francophone Africa is to the detriment or the benefit of the countries of the region. In each of our  five  case  studies the  Democratic  Republic  of  the  Congo,  Algeria, Guinea,  Mauritius  and  Djibouti we examine the respective countries’ motivations to cooperate with China, the advantages and disadvantages derived from the relationship, China’s drivers in its Africa relations, and whether the cooperation can be considered successful for both sides. We find our hypothesis verified. The selected countries are indeed attracted to China primarily by the need for financial resources and infrastructure development  and  the  promise  of  non interference  in  domestic  politics. China is motivated primarily by global trade and political ambitions, raw materials and the growing regional market. With certain limitations, the relationship between Francophone Africa and China can indeed be a win-win relationship.

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