“The World Climate and Security Report 2022: Decarbonized Defense – Combating Climate Change and Increasing Operational Effectiveness with Clean Military Power, The Need for Clean Military Power in the Age of Climate Change”, Louise van Schaik et al. (Clingendael Institute, The Netherlands)

The paper warns that militaries must accelerate efforts toward net zero to achieve a win-win-win: minimize fossil fuel-related operational vulnerabilities, undermine petro-dictators like Vladimir Putin, and combat climate change. The report reveals that there are high operational costs of continued fossil fuel use by militaries, and recommends that security leaders across NATO and the EU seize opportunities to ensure that low carbon considerations and energy efficiency standards are key factors in new procurement processes, research and innovation. The authors note that the war in Ukraine is a turning point for sustainable change, and that ministries and departments of defense can lead broader technological change across society by creating enough demand signals to spur innovation and enable the private sector to bring low-carbon solutions to the market.

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