“Theory and Practice: Special Issue 2019”, Marjan Svetličič (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Marjan Svetličič (guest editor). 2019. Theory and Practice: Special Issue 2019 (orig. Teorija in praksa: posebna številka 2019). Ljubljana: The Publishing House of the Faculty of Social Sciences (orig. Založba FDV).

A new Special Issue of Teorija in praksa (eng. Theory and Practice), titled ‘The emerging new world order: new trends calling for new answers’ has been released. The issue includes 10 papers written by authors from various disciplines. The contributors to the issue discuss the challenges of vulnerability, unpredictability, complexity, and vagueness of the emerging new world order. They call for novel responses to the crisis of the neoliberal governance model as well as to the acute problems or dilemmas of inequality, globalisation versus deglobalisation, revival of protectionism and nationalism or populism, a changed role of regional integration, the novel uni/bi/tri-polarity, drastic geopolitical shifts, and inadequacy of extant development models. The papers indicate a need for a return to the political-economic and interdisciplinary approach to developmental strategies and policies.