THESEUS Award Lecture, 26 October 2015, Cologne

ltsoukalisWolfgang-StreeckTHESEUS Award Lecture by (Eliamep), 26 October 2015, Cologne

On 26 October 2015, 7 pm, THESEUS Outstanding Award Winner 2014 Prof. Loukas Tsoukalis, ELIAMEP, and Prof., former director of the MPIfG, will speak at the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Cologne on the future of the Eurozone focusing on “Was the European Monetary Union a bad mistake? Should Grexit be the first step for a new system?”. The lecture will be followed by a reception to which you are also kindly invited. Registration as of 2 October 2015 on the homepage of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation: www.fritz-thyssen-stiftung.deTHESEUS Logo