THESEUS Seminar and Conference, 29 November – 4 December 2009, Berlin

THESEUS Seminar and THESEUS Conference on “EU in crisis”

The THESEUS Seminar and the THESEUS Conference to be held in Berlin between 29 November and 4 December will deal with the topic of “EU in crisis”, try to take “one step back” and to ask how we should define the term ‘crisis’, which role major crises played and play for European integration and how the EU governance capabilities are to be evaluated with respect to different types of crisis.

Whereas the THESEUS Seminar targets PhD students and young professionals working in public administrations, diplomatic services, NGOs, national ministries, interest groups or the media the THESEUS Conference will bring together leading experts from both European and national academia and politics as well as the participants of the THESEUS Seminar and interested public.

During the conference the THESEUS Award for Promising Research on European Integration 2009 will be presented.

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