“Towards a smart and sustainable single European transport area: An assessment of the past 10 years of EU regulation”, Matthias Finger, Juan Montero and Teodora Serafimova (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

This book achieves two major objectives. First, it reminds us of the decades-long journey to build a Single European Transport Area, like Rome this was not built in a day but is a constant process. Second, more importantly, it reminds us of how much remains to be done to reach this goal fully and how much commitment it still requires from all of us. It would perhaps not be appropriate for me to assess the past 10 years of EU regulation, as I have been in my current position for almost seven of those years. Yet I am pleased to share my views on what it takes to enhance the functioning of the Single European Transport Area and, given the circumstances, to preserve its integrity. What needs to be done – and in large part what we are already doing – is outlined in our Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy from December 2020. The success of this strategy depends on a solid and well-functioning Single Market, where competition is the norm and bottlenecks, missing links and unsubstantiated barriers are removed.

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