“Towards sustainable cities, a matter of faith?”, Eva Garcia Chueca (CIDOB, Spain)

Eva Garcia Chueca, Towards sustainable cities, a matter of faith?, February 2019

Since the Brundtland Report coined the notion of “sustainable development” in 1987, global agendas under the auspices of the United Nations have made extensive use of it turning it into one of the most recurrent commonplaces of international policy.

To what extent has it become a truth-generating concept? Five years after the introduction of the concept, the Agenda 21, an action plan aimed at moving towards this “sustainable development” was adopted at the Earth Summit (Rio de Janeiro, 1992). The latter  initiated a process of almost three decades of semantic inflation that culminated in 2015 with the adoption of the new mantra of the 21st Century: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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