TRACK Kick-off Conference: “The European Council: How to Study a Key Institution in Challenging Times”, 10 November 2020

The TRACK Project is happy to announce that it will organise a joint online conference of CETEUS and TEPSA on 10 November 2020.

The conference will feature a number of contributions from key researchers and stakeholders in European Council studies, including:

  • Lea Hopp (TRACK, University of Cologne)
  • Wolfgang Wessels (TRACK, University of Cologne)
  • Brigid Laffan (European University Institute & TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Herman van Rompuy (President European Council emeritus & Head of TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Wolfgang Wessels (TRACK, University of Cologne)
  • Agnieszka Cianciara (Polish Academy of Sciences & TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Jim Cloos (Secretary-General, Council of the European Union)
  • Christophe Hillion (NUPI & TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Nicoletta Pirozzi (Instituto Affari Internazionali)
  • Desmond Dinan (George Manson University & TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Julie Smith (Cambridge University, Member of the House of Lords & TRACK Advisory Board)
  • Uwe Puetter (Europa-Universität Flensburg & TRACK Advisory Board)

TRACK (Teaching and Researching the European Council: Enhancing and Disseminating Knowledge on a Key Institution in Challenging Times) provides regular offers for teaching and research on the European Council (EUCO) as a key institution in the EU’s system.

By offering a 4-star-program tracking the EUCO’s activities, TRACK aims to promote EU studies by a real-time analysis of the EUCO using a multidimensional approach; produce innovative online teaching modules for students and pupils; foster the exchange of ideas between academics, practitioners, the educational sector, civil society and the general public and to enhance knowledge of the EUCO and EU politics, also beyond higher education.

Read the draft conference agenda here.

You will find the registration link here.