Trans Arctic Agenda in October 2014, Institute of International Affairs and the Centre for Small State Studies

logo IcelandThe Centre for Arctic Policy Studies at the University of Iceland (CAPS), which is run under the auspices of the IIA, is organizing a high-level seminar on Arctic issues. The seminar is scheduled to take place in Reykjavik in late October 2014. This is the second year that the Trans Arctic Agenda seminar is held in Reykjavík. The Centre for Arctic Policy Studies was launched at this seminar in 2013. This year the Trans Arctic Agenda conference will focus on the governance and management of the Arctic region following the Arctic Council meeting in Kiruna of 2013. Furthermore the 2014 Trans Arctic Agenda conference will create a link into two other high level Arctic conferences scheduled to take place in Iceland the same month – namely Gender equality in the Arctic and the Arctic Circle.
The background to the seminar lies in the rapid changes that climate change and increased international attention is bringing to the circumpolar Arctic region. These changes offer new opportunities for resource exploitation, human settlement and travel, but they will also disrupt the present natural conditions and living environment for all concerned in the High North. Prudent, cooperative and sustainable handling of the challenges involved will be crucial for gleaning as much as possible from the positive effects of change while minimizing the potential damage.
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