Trans European Policy Studies Association Awarded Prestigious New Framework Contract

TEPSA continues to provide excellent expert analysis to the European Parliament,
now also in support of the work of the Committee on Gender Equality

BRUSSELS, 30/09/2021: Through this new Framework contract with the European Parliament, TEPSA will support the work of the Committee on Gender Equality (FEMM) in its efforts to build a society where women and men enjoy the same opportunities. The EU is an important global gender equality actor, and is bound by the Treaties to promote it in its internal and external activities.

Gender equality is beneficial not only to women, but to society as a whole. Within the EU, progress has been made in some areas, while in others it remains stagnant. Critical issues persist, for example, with regard to the gender pay gap, the gender pension gap, violence against women and girls, work-life balance, access to political and economic decision-making. The current pandemic has also been impacting women to a much greater extent, backsliding advancements made in previous years. The timeliness of this commitment is thus crucial, not only to move forward but also to stocktake and draw lessons from what has been done in the past decades.

Expertise provided by the TEPSA network within this framework contract will be cross-cutting policy areas and include assessments from a legal, economic, social , sociological and political science perspective. Mainstreaming gender equality in policy analysis, even in areas where using a gendered lens may appear less obvious, as well as understanding the interplay between gender and other inequalities (on grounds of race, age, disability, religion, etc.) is key to effectively and comprehensively support policy-makers in making grounded and informed decisions. This is reflected in the EU’s approach to gender equality and in the wealth of diverse expertise TEPSA provides.

TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili commented on the importance of the new framework contract to the TEPSA Network: “The award of this framework contract by FEMM Committee is a great opportunity for TEPSA’s 46 member institutes across Europe to contribute to research-based EU policy-making”.

TEPSA’s contribution to the advancement of gender equality through this new collaboration with the European Parliament is a direct contribution towards a more just, sustainable and promising future.

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