“Transformative Education: Bridging Education for Change”, Jana Arbeiter and Maja Bučar (CIR, Slovenia)

In this advocacy piece, the authors stress that education should provide people with the understanding, skills and values they need to take part in resolving the complex challenges of the 21st century. They argue that transformative education facilitates structural shifts in basic assumptions, thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as equips learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote sustainable development. They suggest that improvements in the areas of coordination, cooperation, awareness raising and capability development are needed, whereby they also provide concrete recommendations on how this can be achieved. The publication is part of a series of publications commissioned to support advocacy for more space for Target 4.7 and Agenda 2030 in European and global policies. The series aims to encourage discussion through outlining the authors’ views on the topics presented. 

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*Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship Education is a project co-created by 14 European and global partner organisations (including Platforma SLOGA from Slovenia), co-funded by the European Union.