Transnational Ecosystems Cooperation is Taking off (NUPI, Norway)

Lorax in Motion is a series whereby we report and reflect upon the Lorax project’s ongoing research activities. Here, Senior Research Fellow Paul Beaumont sits down and talks ecosystem politics, interdisciplinarity, and environmental governance with the leader of Lorax, Professor Elana Wilson Rowe.

Lorax aims to illuminate the growing trend in global environmental politics towards establishing regional cooperation around ecosystems.  In particular, Lorax explores whether, how and why, ecosystem governance generates specific forms of norms, hierarchies and networks that inform and structure regional politics in a manner that is distinct from other forms of global governance. Combining insights from critical geography and International Relations, the Lorax project reflects the interdisciplinarity and theoretical ambition of its chief investigator, Elana Wilson Rowe, whose career to date has seen her bringing into conversation  multiple disciplines and theoretical approaches when reckoning with the geopolitical, environmental, and ethical challenges associated with Arctic governance.

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