“Ukraine: From War to Peace and Recovery, January 2023”, Yuriy Yakymenko et al. (Razumkov centre, Ukraine)  

The publication on a monthly basis presents the results of monitoring, analysis and expert evaluations of the most important actions and decisions of the Ukrainian authorities, international partners of Ukraine, key international organisations, on issues related to Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian aggression, establishment of peace and assistance with reconstruction of our country, both now and in the future, after the war. 

The publication explores such areas as security and defence, foreign policy, economy and energy, social and humanitarian problems, constitutional and legal issues, and also publishes the most interesting results of public opinion and expert polls conducted by Razumkov Centre. 

The publication is carried out as part of a project implemented with the support from the MATRA Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

This issue focuses on the events of January 2023. 

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