“Ukraine’s sectoral integration into the EU: Preconditions, Prospects, Challenges”, Mykhailo Pashkov (Razumkov Centre)

ukrIn this Analytical Report, which consists of four sections, talks about the nature and specific aspects of government’s eurointegration policy, achievements and problems on the path towards the EU, outlines internal circumstances and external conditions of Ukraine’s progress towards the European community.

Also looks at some new priorities in Kyiv-Brussels’ cooperation, analyses preconditions for intensification of sectoral integration in the economy, outlines ways of Ukraine’s progress towards EU markets, discusses efficiency of instruments that facilitate sectoral integration, studies the current state, trends and prospects of EU-Ukraine integration in a number of specific sectors. Namely, in the sectors of energy, digital market, transport, banking and ecology. As a result of the project provides generalised conclusions and a complex of proposals for intensifying and deepening EU-Ukraine sectoral integration.

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