Upcoming events at IAI October/November 2015

logo-IAI119 October, Turin: Conference with  Mario Monti  (former Italian Prime Minister and chairman of the EU High Level on Own Resources) on “Which resources for the European Union and Eurozone budget?”. In collaboration with the Center for Studies on Federalism.

http://www.iai.it/en/eventi/quali-risorse-il-bilancio-dellunione-europea-e-delleurozona (programme, registration form)

20 October, Rome: seminar on “Eurozone: getting back to growth?”; presentation of the book by Alberto Majocchi “Un piano per l’Europa” (Feltrinelli, 2015) in cooperation with Centro Studi sul Federalismo, Turin, and Aiace

http://www.iai.it/sites/default/files/majocchi_151020.pdf (programme)

22-23 October, Rome: Conference on “China-Europe relations and the role of Italy”, organised in cooperation with T.wai, Turin, and the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), Beijing, and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China Embassy in Italy

http://www.iai.it/en/ricerche/china-and-european-union-system-global-governance (the initiative)

26 October, Rome: “Challenges to European Security: A Transatlantic perspective”, Transatlantic Security Symposium (8th edition).
http://www.iai.it/en/node/4443 (programme)

13 and 14 November, Rome: IAI 50th Anniversary Conference