Past events at IWE, Budapest

vki_logo_sm25th EAEPE Annual Conference “Beyond Deindustrialisation: The Future of Industries”, 8-9 November 2013, Paris. Lectures by IWE senior research fellow Andrea Szalavetz at the conference by EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy). Title of her first presentation: “Policy support to commercialisation – an instrument to ensure a future for manufacturing in Europe”; Title of her second presentation (co-authored by M. Sass): “Industrial policy options for catching-up GVC actors: the Visegrad countries in the post-crisis GVC environment”.

Jubilee Conference on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Institute of World Economics, 20 November 2013, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest “Challenges of the world economy – global and national perspectives”. During this half-day event among the speakers (or rather contributors to the panel discussions) were members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Mihály Simai, Tamás Szentes, Béla Kádár, Ádám Török, or doctors of the HAS Judit Kiss and András Inotai – all current or former researchers of IWE (the language of the event was Hungarian).

Conference on “MFF 2014-2020: less money, less Europe? Prospects, interests, explanations”, 25 November 2013, IWE, Budapest. Organised by senior research fellow Miklós Somai, the half-day international event was dedicated to exploring the views of the speakers (representing different institutions or member states) on the new MFF and to discussing the future of common EU policies financed by the 2014-2020 financial framework.