Seminar and workshop series – “Room for Reform?” at the Swedish institute of International Affairs

UIThe European Union (EU) is currently under pressure to respond to several simultaneous challenges. How to fix migration, protecting common values and stabilizing the Eurozone are examples of current questions. These are issues that touch upon the existence and principal aims of the EU; to promote its shared values, peace and wellbeing. The answers to these questions often suggest that reform is needed. Often, however, such reform suggestions are highly contrarious. Furthermore, the legal and political room for further reform of the EU can be questioned.

Throughout 2016/2017 the seminar and workshop series “Room for Reform?”  will discuss current challenges in the European Union (EU) as well as new and innovative ideas on future reform. The series is led by the Europe programme at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI).

International experts, scholars, policy makers and the public will participate in the discussions and cooperation with other institutions, research environments and relevant actors will be sought depending on issue area. The following major themes will be addressed in various formats and with different partners:

* The economy and the Eurozone: How secure future growth and trade within and beyond the EU?  Can the long term stability of the common currency be improved and to what price?

* Movement and migration: How should migration to Europe and movement within the EU be regulated? Can Schengen function without a truly common external border?

* Values and legitimacy: Common European values are increasingly contested by member state politicians. How can values be safeguarded and what do value conflicts mean for the legitimacy of European integration?

* Security and safety: What role should the EU have in the provision of security and safety of its citizens in times of terrorism and hybrid threats?