Spring 2013 events at Sciences Po, CEE, Paris


Symposium “Attitudinal change towards Jews and Muslims in France in a comparative perspective”, 18-20 April 2013, Sciences Po, CEE, Paris; Organization: Nonna Mayer, Sciences Po, CEE, CNRS, Vincent Tiberj and Tommaso Vitale, Sciences Po, CEE

This international conference was about the evolution and reconfiguration of prejudice towards minorities, more particularly Jews, Arabs and Muslims in contemporary France. It aimed at bringing together scholars from different disciplines, with different perspectives, and bridging a gap between studies on Muslims and Islamophobia on the one side, and those on Jews and anti-Semitism on the other. Click here to learn more.

Seminar Migrations et Multiculturalism « Un marché du contrôle de l’immigration ? Xénophobie business et migration industry », 24 April 2013, Sciences Po, CEE, Paris; Organization: Virginie Guiraudon, Sciences Po, CEE, CNRS and Patrick Simon, INED. Click here to learn more (in French).

Seminar Les sciences sociales en question : grandes controverses épistémologiques et méthodologiques; Organization : Nonna Mayer, Sciences Po, CEE and Samy Cohen, Sciences Po, CERI.

This seminar focused on methodological questions, a fundamental issue in social sciences. They define and base the validity of our research and findings, yet we rarely get to discuss them. The objective of this joint seminar CEE and CERI was to provide a place to meet and exchange ideas between the researchers; PhD students are also strongly invited. The aim was to compare our research fields, our methods, our research questions and how to address them, in the light of major epistemological and methodological controversies of today. CEE and the CERI are meeting the challenge to create a collective dynamic at Sciences Po and to strengthen the already existing connections between the two centres. Click here to learn more.

 « Enquêter auprès des enfants de la rue : le cas des ‘’Shégués’’ », 23 April 2013, Sciences Po, CEE, Paris. Click here to learn more.

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