Vacancy: “Senior Research Fellow”, Deadline July 30 (NUPI, Norway)

NUPI wants to strengthen its research on evolving geopolitical rivalry and the role of the global south on global governance and international organisations. NUPI is thus seeking a candidate for a permanent position as Senior Research Fellow.

During the first years of employment, the candidate will contribute to NUPI’s strong portfolio of projects in these areas, in particular Ad hoc crisis response and international organisations (ADHOCISM) and China and Evolving Multilateral Craftmanship in the Age of Digitalization (CHIMULTI). The main tasks will be to take the lead in the developing datasets, one related to ad hoc coalitions and the other on international organizations that focus on digitalization issues and co-author several academic articles for high-impact journals.

The Senior Research Fellow will also be expected to apply for funding from the Research Council of Norway and other sources for academic and policy-oriented research. The fellow will be part of a highly qualified international team based at NUPI in Oslo, Norway.

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