Video competition: 60 Seconds for a Safer World

Friends of Europe’s ’60 Seconds for a Safer World’ video competition to seek out the best new ideas in foreign relations, security and defence is still running until November 6.

We’re looking for innovative ideas on ways to improve global security; from tackling terrorism and nuclear proliferation, to coping with climate change and resource scarcity. Be it solutions to regional issues like the North Korean missile crisis; the conflicts in the Middle East or of a more structural character on how to reform international organisations such as the United Nations or NATO. Could we please ask you to share the information and link to our competition within your network at TEPSA?

By recording a 60 second long video, outlining a challenge to global security and a proposed solution, the participants submitting the top three videos will have a chance to present their videos to leading international policymakers at the Friends of Europe Security Summit in Brussels on 28 November. The few hundred participants joining include European Commissioner for Security Union Julian King, NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller and Member of the Finish Parliament and President of the European Institute of Peace Pekka Haavisto.

One winner will be announced during the Summit, the prize being either a trip to Brussels including travel and free accommodation for a week to follow two senior personalities from the security field at work. Or choose a cash prize for the total amount of € 1000 (one thousand euros) instead.

Entries are submitted via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #60SecsSaferWorld or by sending the video via email. The focus is on the ideas rather than the quality of the video, so just using a camera phone or webcam is enough.

Please visit the competition homepage or read our terms and conditions in full to learn more.

TEPSA joined Friend’s of Europe and others as a coalition partner during September’s Debating Security Plus.