Vladimír Bilčík MEP on EU Equality Policy | EP4U Interviews

Non-discrimination and protection of fundamental rights are among the key expectations from any European democratic state. The EU and its Member States are bound and guided by the Charter of Fundamental Rights that promotes, inter alia, equality before the law, non-discrimination, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, and equality between women and men. In the current legislative term, the EP has held debates on taking forward the horizontal anti-discrimination directive, and many MEPs highlighted the gaps in protection against discrimination in the EU. But in a world where hate still dominated the political landscape, what can the EU do to improve things?

In the framework of the EP4U project, TEPSA has invited Vladimír Bilčík MEP for the EPP Group, to talk about his reaction to EU Equality Policy. Michaela Dénešová from the Institute of European Studies and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava, conducted the interview in December in Bratislava, Slovakia.