“War Ecology: A New Paradigm”, Pierre Charbonnier (Sciences Po, France)

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army in February 2022 has, in the opinion of many, ushered in a new era in European and world history. As is often the case, the war does not end at the front lines, nor with the suffering or death it causes. Viewed from a distance, the war gives off an economic, geopolitical, ideological, and now an ecological aura that this volume of GREEN, one of the scientific reviews published by the Groupe d’études géopolitiques, attempts to capture.

In retrospect, the hope for a universal liberal order based on the free circulation of capital and the guarantee of formal freedoms for individuals seems like a pleasant illusion. First inspired by the allied victory in 1945 and then the collapse of the Soviet Union after 1989, this illusion collapses under the weight of imperialism and contemporary crises. The dream of political stability which motivated liberal democracies is now threatened by an empire which is determined to trade the dividends of peace for the opportunity of territorial expansion — and, it must be said, by its internal shortcomings. Added to this long overdue realization is the climate clock, which is constantly ticking faster, and which also demands that we examine the growth model and geopolitical balances currently in place.

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