Watch: “A New Quality of EU-Ukraine Solidarity”, Mykhailo Pashkov | TEPSA Explainers

In this video Mykhailo Pashkov, the Co-Director of the Foreign Relations and International Security Programs at the Razumkov Center in Ukraine takes us through the ins and outs of solidarity between the European Union and Ukraine.

The meeting of the EU-Ukraine station Council in February 2021, launching the renewal of the associated agreement promotion in the sector of Arrows of European integration, are important steps forward, but more work is needed to create a new quality of EU-Ukraine Solidarity.

This TEPSA Explainer is linked with the upcoming edition of the TEPSA Book “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals“, edited by Michael Kaeding, Johannes Pollak and Paul Schmidt. The book focuses on Solidarity in Europe in the wake of successive crises, including the Ukraine Crisis and Russian activities in the region, Brexit and COVID-19.