WATCH: “Conflict & Compromise: Turkey-Russia Relations and the West”, Cana Tülüş Türk | TEPSA Explainers

“What is the relationship between Turkey and Russia? How does this relationship affect Turkey’s position within the EU? What should we expect in the future? And how should the EU and Turkey deal with Russia? Turkey’s stance in the Ukrainian war and its position in the Georgian conflict can be seen as a strategy to counter the Russian dominance in part of the EU’s neighbourhood. The war in Ukraine and the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia have shown the limits of Turkey-Russia cooperation and the strategic importance of Turkey for the West.”

In this video Cana Tülüş Türk, Research and Administrative Affairs Coordinator at Istanbul Policy Center and a PhD Candidate in Political Science, analyses Turkey-Russia relations in three key areas: history, economics, and politics, and what this all means for Europe in the wake of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. She explains the steps Turkey has been taking in recent years to overcome its dependence towards Russia, including by diversifying its natural gas resources, and the factors that complicate bilateral relations between the two countries, not the least of which is the war in Ukraine.

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