WATCH: EP4U Fact-File | Irena Joveva MEP, Renew Europe

In this new series of videos from TEPSA’s “European Policies for You” (EP4U) project, we will invite MEPs from around the EU to explain how the Union is contributing to the development of youth opportunities in their country.

In this video, Irena Joveva, MEP from Slovenia in the Renew Europe Group, talks about some crucial decisions taken in the European Parliament in the current term of office, which are important for young people in Slovenia and in other Member States.

She highlights a number of initiatives, like the Erasmus+ program for 2021 to 2027, which is funded to the tune of 26 billion Euros, almost twice the amount as provided in the previous budget. The program will focus on social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and the promotion of young people’s participation in democratic life. Another victory is the Recovery and Resilience Fund, set up to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Stay tuned for future videos in the EP4U Fact Files series, where we’ll be meeting more MEPs from all over Europe!