WATCH: EP4U Video Fact-File | Anžeļika Marija Zuba, Schuman Trainee at the European Parliament

In this series of videos from TEPSA’s “European Policies for You” (EP4U) project, we will invite young people working in the EU Institutions to explain how the Union is contributing to the development of youth opportunities in their country.

In this video, Anžeļika Marija Zuba, Trainee in the Outreach and Recruitment Unit of Directorate for Human Resources Administration, Directorate-General for Personel, European Parliament, talks about the numerous European opportunities which are available to young people from across the EU.

She highlights a number of key points, such as the fact that the EU has developed a number of programmes to help to reduce the unemployment rate and motivate young people. Through the Erasmus + and ESC programmes, young Europeans are empowered to study abroad, and they can even do voluntary work. Through the EU, it is possible to share your experience and bring your visions to life at the local level to help solve local communities or social problems.

Stay tuned for future videos in the EP4U Fact Files series, where we’ll be meeting more EU policy-makers from all over Europe!