WATCH: EP4U Video Fact-File | Sebastian Fietkau, Accredited Assistant to Terry Reintke MEP

In this series of videos from TEPSA’s “European Policies for You” (EP4U) project, we will invite young people working in the EU Institutions to explain how the Union is contributing to the development of youth opportunities in their country.

In this video, Sebastian Fietkau, Accredited Assistant to Terry Reintke MEP (Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance), talks about his work to support MEP Reintke in policy to support LGBTQIA+ rights across Europe, as well as the details of the European Commission’s LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025.

He highlights a number of key points, including the EU’s goal is for all people to be able to live safely and freely, and his work to ensure LGBTQIA+ rights in Europe are fully supported. The community should not have to fear discrimination or violence because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, expression of their gender or gender characteristics. While in some EU Member States, equality is still out of reach, Sebastian is working every day to ensure equality throughout the EU27.

Stay tuned for future videos in the EP4U Fact Files series, where we’ll be meeting more EU policy-makers from all over Europe!