WATCH: “Explaining Differentiation: Concepts and Theories”, Frank Schimmelfennig, DiCE Webinars

This brand new series from the DiCE – Differentiation: Clustering Excellence, “DiCE Webinars” takes the full knowledge of Europe’s leading experts on differentiated integration, and presents it in an easy to digest video format. In this first video, Frank Schimmelfennig from ETH Zürich explains concepts and theories of differentiation, and answers such questions as:

  • What is differentiated integration?
  • What are the modes of differentiated integration, and what are multi-speed, multi-tier, and multi-menu differentiation?
  • What are the causes and conditions of differentiated integration?
  • What are the building blocks of differentiated integration?
  • What is the difference between instrumental and constitutional differentiation?

You can watch the video above, and make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming videos in the DiCE Webinars series!