WATCH: “Regulating EU Exports: Dual-Use Items and Global Security”, Eleonora di Franco | TEPSA Explainers

“A review of the EU’s Recast Regulation on dual-use items shows rising concern for the misuse of cyber-surveillance technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence, emerging technologies) by third countries, while also recognising the need to promote R&D competitiveness. This policy Brief analyses the balance struck between the economy, technological innovation, and human rights in the Recast, focusing on its potential for promoting human rights in export controls.”

In this TEPSA Explainer, Eleonora di Franco, Lecturer and PhD Candidate at Maastricht University, explains her analysis of EU export regulation and the implications of dual-use items in the EU’s contribution to global security. This explains is produced on the basis of a TEPSA Brief, recently published by TEPSA and Eleonora di Franco, on the same subject. You can read the policy brief here.

TEPSA Explainers are short videos elaborating on key issues in European affairs according to the expertise of the contributor.