WATCH: “The Conditional Solidarity of the EU Migration Policy”, Eugenia Kopsidi | TEPSA Explainers

“The so-called refugee crisis, which broke out in summer 2015, and is still in progress, constitutes a phenomenon that concerns all of Europe. However, instead of a dynamic and unified response, a few member states were forced, due to their geographical location, to bear the full weight of the crisis.”

In this video Eugenia Kopsidi, a resident lecturer at the European Law and Governance School, gives her analysis of the EU’s strategy in the wake of the refugee crisis of 2015, and the impact of the EU migration policy on Member States like Greece.

TEPSA Explainers are short videos elaborating on key issues in European affairs according to the expertise of the contributor. This TEPSA Explainer is linked to the upcoming publication of TEPSA’s new book: “Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals”, which will focus on solidarity in action and is edited by Michael Kaeding, Johannes Pollak, and Paul Schmidt. Coming soon via Springer.