WATCH: “What is the EU doing to protect liberal democracy?” | Luis Bouza

How effective are EU level instruments in supporting liberal democracy? Is the EU too slow or ineffective in responding to the challenges of post-truth politics? What is the response of liberal democracies to the undermining effects of post-truth politics? Is the current structure of the EU helps or hinders the fight against post-truth politics?

In this TEPSA Explainer in collaboration with the RECLAIM Project, Luis Bouza, Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, explains what the EU is doing to support the fight against post-truth politics. In a context where new technologies are arising every day, and where those new technologies can easily be exploited to spread harmful disinformation and misinformation, it is increasingly vital that we protect ourselves against this rising tide.

Quality of information is crucial to the functioning of liberal democracy, and as part of the Horizon-funded “Reclaiming Liberal Democracy in the Post-Factual Age” (RECLAIM) project, a consortium of pan-European analysts and experts are investigating the impact of post-truth politics on liberal democracy in recent years, and looking for ways to mitigate it.