WATCH: “Where Slovakia Stands on EU-Russia Relations”, Lucia Mokrá

“Slovakia stands for obligations to the EU and supports the Ukrainian people and sovereignty of the country in the fight against Russia […] and especially today, there is no time for naïve memories for historical legacy, but rather for strong support we can express to Ukraine, we support by our international obligations. Slovakia stands behind their obligations coming from international law.”

In this video Lucia Mokrá, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava, and Chairperson of TEPSA, gives her analysis of Slovak relations with Russia, Slovakia’s views on EU-Russia relations writ-large, and on the unfolding invasion of Ukraine by Russia. In her analysis, she takes account of the shared cultural and religious ties between Slovakia and Russia, as well as the historical context of Slovakia’s post-communist transformation and membership of NATO and the EU. Despite such a context of Slovak ties to Russia, Slovakia stands behind their obligations coming from international law.

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