#WeAreNATO: Explaining and debating NATO (LIIA, Latvia)

#WeAreNATO: Explaining and debating NATO

This project is being developed under the #WeAreNato communication campaign and will be carried out in two stages: firstly a series of informative video clips exploring various perspectives of the meaning of NATO, its principles and our role in it; secondly, LIIA will visit five secondary schools with lectures discussing different NATO-related issues.

The informative videos are in Latvian, and they focus on five different NATO-related topics: Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty, the meaning of the 2% GDP defence, the NATO – Russia founding act, the contributions of the Enhanced Forward Presence to the defence and security in Latvia and the Baltic Sea region, and the contributions of international NATO missions to international security.

The project is currently coming to a close and has been very successful in its mission – educating young minds about NATO, how it functions and the role nations play in it. More info here.