Webinar: “Belarus: At the Height of Mobilisation and Repression”, May 10 (NUPI, Norway)

Nine months after the massive political protests started as a reaction to the 2020 presidential elections, this webinar examines the state of the political crisis in Belarus.

The 2020 presidential elections in Belarus mobilized political protests of a scale and scope not seen since the country gained independence in 1991. It also unleashed unprecedented mass repression by President Lukashenka’s government against any signs of political dissent.

Nine months after the beginning of the protests, we examine the state of the political crisis in Belarus and strategies of authoritarian survival as well as peaceful political resistance.

We will discuss what factors have contributed to the erosion of the authoritarian political system prior to the 2020 elections and how the oppositional movement gained a political momentum. In light of many political uncertainties in the future of Belarus, we will review what has changed in Belarusian society and how Belarusians view these changes.

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