Webinar: “Strategic autonomy and the transformation of the EU”, April 28 (Egmont, Belgium)

The increasingly complex and competitive international environment pushes the EU and its member states to rethink some basic tenets of the Union’s economic, foreign and security policy. EU strategic autonomy emerged as a guiding, yet contested, principle in the policy debates in Brussels and national capitals. It describes various EU and member state efforts to better handle global interdependencies that might constrain Europe’s ability to decide and act according to 7own choices. This event marks the launch of the FIIA report “Strategic Autonomy and the Transformation of the EU: New agendas for Security, Diplomacy, Trade and Technology” that analyses the EU’s actions and options across several policy domains. Based on the recommendations of the report, the speakers will discuss the key trends and major disputes on the path towards a more capable and self-reliant Europe.

This event presents the results of the FIIA project “European Strategic Autonomy in a Geo-economic World”.


Words of welcome
Mika Aaltola, Director, FIIA

Tania Latici, Policy Analyst, European Parliament / Associate Fellow, Egmont Institute

Key report findings:
Niklas Helwig, Leading Researcher, FIIA

Practitioners’ view:

François Arbault, Director for Defence Industry, European Commission

Further speakers:
Nicole Koenig, Deputy Director, Jacques Delors Centre
Tobias Gehrke, Research Fellow, Egmont Institute

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