“Why the EU’s Spitzenkandidaten procedure should be revived before the next European Parliament elections”, Paul Schmidt (OEGFE, Austria)

Does the Spitzenkandidaten procedure have a future in European Parliament elections? Paul Schmidt argues that despite failing to live up to its promise in 2019, the procedure should be strengthened ahead of the next European elections in 2024.

The introduction of the EU’s Spitzenkandidaten procedure at the European elections in 2014 is still well remembered. For the first time, those who had run as top candidates in the European elections for their respective political party were accepted as nominees for the President of the European Commission by the European Parliament. Accordingly, the Spitzenkandidat of the party which came out first, Jean-Claude Juncker of the European People’s Party, was also nominated by the European Council and subsequently elected as President of the European Commission by a majority of Members of the European Parliament.

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