“Women and children first: quality socio-economic investment”, Bruno Palier and Clément Carbonnier (Sciences Po CEE, France)

Our social protection system, designed at the end of the Second World War, does not know how to protect the most vulnerable people. Child poverty, the precariousness of young people and the less qualified, the difficulties of single-parent families: these are some of the new challenges to be met. Responding to current social challenges can no longer be a matter of simple adjustments but requires a global strategy. Based on the evaluation of past reforms, in France and abroad, and on a solid reading of economic indicators, Clément Carbonnier and Bruno Palier propose a quality strategy for all. This new social contract is based on inclusive public social investment policies and a generalized rise in quality of the productive system. It will make it possible to get out of the low-cost economy, and to guarantee the quality of life and jobs for all in the name of greater social justice.

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