Working paper “EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific” by Takako Ueta

Takako Ueta, “EU Policy toward Asia and the Pacific”, RSCAS 2013/15, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence 2013.

Abstract: This paper explains the changing feature of EU policy toward Asia and the Pacific from the viewpoint of Japan. In the era of global power shift, and because of the impressive economic growth in Asia, the EU’s interest in this region is growing. This paper describes competitive trade liberalisation projects as well as “defunct” regional security frameworks and dialogues in view of the rise of China, and EU relations with ASEAN, Japan and China. In response to this evolution, this paper analyses an EU policy document, its new Guidelines of Foreign and Security Policy in East Asia and a ground-breaking joint statement of the EU and US on cooperation in this region. Finally, this paper suggests several policy proposals on the EU’s constructive role in Asia and the Pacific.

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