Workshop: “Agro-pastoral communities living with uncertainties in dryland settings”, November 25-26 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

The workshop will specifically look at drylands where climate variability and volatility are the norm – rather than the exception. At the heart of these processes, three aspects emerge as being particularly important for livelihood transformations and territorial change: market integration, livelihood mobility, and land-use. These aspects will be the objects of discussion of three thematic groups.

Respectively, the first group will assess the role of market integration (through the case of milk) in shaping local livelihoods at the interface of changing environmental and political landscapes, what challenges and opportunities it bears, and how people are adjusting their livelihoods accordingly. The second group will analyse the role of mobility in ensuring people’s resilience and the reconfiguration of livelihoods in face of changing conditions, in environmental as much as in political, economic, cultural dimensions. The latter group will look at how land-use has changed, including management of natural resources, claims and rights on land, and broader governance issues, in response to environmental, socio-political, and economic transformations in different agro-pastoral settings.

This event is organised by the PASTRES project and the EUI Environmental Challenges and Climate Change Governance Interdisciplinary Research Cluster.

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