Workshop: “Citizens and the European Union: a Complicated Relationship”, October 13

The InDivEU Workshop “Citizens and the European Union: a Complicated Relationship” took place in Amsterdam, 13 October 2021, at de Balie in a hybrid format. This workshop was the final event of the Horizon 2020 project Integrating Diversity in the European Union and gave an opportunity to present the projects’ final stage findings as well as findings from other scholars who work on the topic of differentiated integration.

The workshop was organized by Catherine de Vries, Lisanne de Blok and Nina Onopriychuk, the INDIVEU VU Amsterdam team. The focus of the event was citizens and their perspectives on differentiated integration, which is a particularly relevant topic considering the recent developments in Poland where EU rules are being contested.  In order to dig deeper into the topic of differentiated integration, the event focused on three main themes, which constituted three panels: Panel 1 – Euroscepticism, Panel 2 – Integration preferences, Panel 3 – Public support for specific EU policies and a final roundtable on Public Opinion and Brexit. The panel 1 on Euroscepticism included the presentations of Dimiter Toshkov (Leiden University), André Krouwel (VU University Amsterdam) and Katjana Gattermann (University of Amsterdam). The second panel included the presentations of Stefan Telle, Lorenzo Cicchi (European University Institute), Giorgio Malet (University of Zurich) and Nikoleta Yordanova (Leiden University). The third panel included the presentations of Brian Burgoon (University of Amsterdam), Dirk Leuffen (University of Konstanz), and Maurits Meijers (Radboud University) and Theresa Kuhn (University of Amsterdam). Finally, the roundtable on Brexit was led by Sarah Hobolt (London School of Economics), Stefanie Walter (University of Zurich) and Brigit Laffan (European University Institute).