Workshop: “How are Financial Crises Remembered?”, 31 May 2021 (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

This MERCATOR-led event will present four separate roundtable discussions analysing past financial crises and how our understanding of them shapes current financial regulation and de-regulation policies.

Are financial crises remembered – and if so how and by whom? Answering these questions is essential to understand the working of the financial system and identify a potential source of financial instability that has not been properly investigated so far.

Four roundtables will discuss the main theoretical and methodological issues raised by the study of the collective memory of financial crises. Among other things, the roundtables will reflect on how financial actors’ outlook has been shaped over the course of their career. They will look at financial actors’ knowledge, memory and understanding of past financial crises. And they will reflect on whether these factors have affected their awareness of financial risk and influenced processes of financial regulation and deregulation.

In the last analysis, can the memory, or absence of memory, of previous financial crises contribute to explain practices threatening the stability of the financial system?

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