Workshops for training and strengthening the capabilities of the public sector (IRMO, Croatia)

IRMO is organizing the workshops within the project “RESTAURA – Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership Schemes″, funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme of the European Union. The workshops will be held in four Croatian cities (Zagreb, Karlovac, Buzet and Bjelovar) in the period from 15 October to 12 November 2018. These public workshops aim to strengthen the capacity of the public sector, taking into account aspects of revitalization and conservation as well as financial, legal and technical aspects. The workshops will focus in particular on the overall PPP process, including financial, legal and technical aspects, as well as case studies, specific methods and tools developed during the project implementation.

RESTAURA project encourages and supports professionals to build up their capability to revitalize heritage buildings through the PPP approach by training and raising the awareness and competences of professionals who will be involved in future PPP projects and improves the skills of target groups facing similar challenges in Croatia, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia. In each of these countries public and private institutions (local authorities, research and education institutions, development agencies, PPP associations and NGOs) participate to jointly develop and implement revitalization projects. Within the RESTAURA project 20 workshops for public authorities who aim to use PPP models to renovate and bring a new life to abandoned and deteriorated historic buildings will be conducted. The project is currently under way, with a duration from June 2016 throughout May 2019.

For more information and future project’s activities, please visit the RESTAURA website.